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Kowhai Team has written their thoughts about school for Education Week.

Cool school.

My school is the coolest in New Zealand, and I can prove it. Read on to find out why. We have a massive brand new Auditorium with a massive stage in it as well as movable basketball hoops and a court. We have a tuck-shop where you can order mouthwatering lunches ,and a library with over 2000 fabulous books to choose from as well as tables to work at and Art all up the walls. To go with our library we have a shaded courtyard with wooden benches where you can just relax or read a book. We also have a outdoor basketball court and 3 Netball courts where we play our hand-ball. But the great thing about playing at school is there are lots of people to play with! We have a big field with great soccer goals and a long jump pit and 2 awesome playgrounds. We get to do lots of Art in class “by the way I LOVE! This school has heaps of great teachers. This school provides lots of sports like soccer, basketball and netball. And we have a computer pod with about 20 computers all with internet. But the best thing is there are sooooo many cool students here to play with. And that is why Hobsonville Primary is by far the best school in New Zealand. Michael White Yr6.


Kowhai Writing

              Hobsonville School                       Hobsonville Primary is a school for Years 1 to 8, ages 5 to 13.This school have a lot to offer such as sports, clubs and other excellent facilities! Hobsonville Primary School has a lot of History. It is over 100 years old and started from just a few classes to a full school with over twenty classes! It also has a very big, beautiful Kauri tree which was planted a little while after the school was first built!  This school has a very important set of values called RRAP which stands for Respect, Responsibility, Achievement and Pride. Every morning, teachers all over the school get the RRAP news to read out to the class. This RRAP news contains information about things that are happening in the school as well as a RRAP message which can be anything from an encouraging statement to a goal that can achieved in the day. This school has a great education system. The students are given work that has been clearly explained by the teacher. The pupils usually do this work independently but sometimes are told they are allowed to work groups. The students always know why they are learning and how it will help in the future. There are many different subjects which are done through out the day at school. There is writing, maths, reading, spelling, art, P.E and more! With all these great topics, it will test and keep all corners of the brain stimulated! This is a school which is full of mental activity and physical activity! Pupils can play a variety of different sports such as Basketball, Soccer, Netball, T-ball, Rugby, Swimming and many, many more. They will never run out of options! At least once a year, students can go on or join into events that are happening such as camps, galas, field trips and parades. This gives the chance to the pupils to get out of class and try new things. Hobsonville Primary School is the ideal school for all children! It encourages good habits, is serious about the education and knows how to keep a child happy!  By Veena Modersohn [Room 1]  




Hobsonville School

    Hobsonville School contains around 600 children. It is in Hobsonville and offers lots of great learning opportunities to its pupils. It teaches ages 5-13 which is years 1-8. Hobsonville is around 125yrs old. Originally it was on Scott Road, but then it was moved to Hobsonville Road. There was a different M.P.R (Multi Purpose Room) around 50yrs ago; it was burnt down in an accidental fire. It was made out of bricks and wooden planks. Now they have rebuilt it. There are many areas of responsibility for children in the school, such as the Student council, librarians and road patrol wardens. For each of these activities you must be a responsible, reliable trustworthy and committed student. At Hobsonville there are four different “RRAP” values. They are respect, responsibility, achievement and pride. Each student is encouraged to use these values each and every day. If a student is seen using one of these values and a teacher has seen them then the teacher will award them with a “RRAP card.” Their name will go into the class draw and they could possibly get a free ice block as an incentive to using these values more often. There are many extra activities (as well as reading, writing etc.) like art, cooking, music and special CWSA groups which can be based around technology, writing, computer skills and sometimes art. Hobsonville pupils must come to school in their uniform each day. It is a symbol that they are proud to be a student at Hobsonville primary. The uniform has many varieties of clothing, such as long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, caps, bucket hats, polar fleece jumpers, vests, shorts, long pants, skirts, skorts and more. All shirts and the polar fleece jumper is dark green, with the vests being navy blue as well as all bottoms. The collars are navy blue with a yellow set of striping.  Hobsonville is a very proud school. The students are all very kind and well mannered. The school is one of the BEST schools in New Zealand for reading and writing, and is recommended to all students that want great learning opportunities.  By Madison BirdRoom 1 Hobsonville primary  



Cool school.

“Pass, pass over here!” The ball flew through the air at the speed of a bullet. My favorite thing at school is P.E. When we go out side to play a game that the whole class, including me doesn’t know how to play the game our teacher Mrs Taylor will explain it for us. I also like P.E. because the whole class can go out for a game that the will thoroughly be entertains us as a class. I also like school because there are some night where I can spend time with my family telling them what I’ve learnt and they are always impressed! I enjoy studying how world wars how have changed our lives, because I can learn how technology has changed through the years. To me school is the best place to be during the day, it’s much better than home. By Nicholas Clapson Y6


Madison Fotti-Knowles

That’s why school is cool Pencils scratching, paper rustling, Chewing pencils, minds-a-bustling, That’s why school is cool. Girls are skipping, boys are yelling, Outside the stinky old class that’s smelling, That’s why school is cool. Ground is slippery, heavy with winter, Sick bay’s bursting with scrapes and splinters, That’s when school is cool. Flowers blooming, grass is dry, No clouds in the azure sky, That’s when school is cool. You look at me; you scratch your head, You’re asking me with puzzled dread, “Is this how school is cool?” YES! By Madison Fotti-Knowles. Year 6, room 1



Bounce!! Bounce!! Bounce!!!Tramp is what I doBack flips, death rolls, flick flacks too i do other sports like netball and touch but mum thinks I do way to muchice cream,Lollies got a sweet tooth Kelly Tork – Room 1


         New Zealand is where I was born,It’s where I go to school.It keeps me entertained,My favourite subject’s writingReading’s cool too!Netball, soccer and tennis are what I like to do. Horses and stingrays, I love them both!The piano’s what I playI practise everyday But most of all I love Friends and family, yay! Alisha Duthie – Room 1 


Isabella Robati

I’m gazing through the clear window staring at my awesomely cool book waiting for the bell to ring. “Br-r-r-r-i-i-n-g” went the ruby red coloured bell. I rushed inside. I pounced like a lion into my grey chair. I grabbed my “Clarice Bean” book and began whizzing through the thin pages. I’m absolutely insanely mad about SSR. SSR is like an initial for “Sustained, silent, reading.” I really like reading because it’s a nice peaceful time to sit back and relax while reading an absolutely cool book! I love reading adventure books, animal books, non-fiction books, and comic books! My favourite three authors are Jacqueline Wilson (who writes Tracy Beaker stories) because she writes really descriptive stories, Lauren Child (who writes books about a young girl called Clarice Bean) because her stories are really funny and Justin D’Ath (who wrote Astrid Spark, fixologist) because he’s really good at coming up with new, weird words like “exceptionordinarily” and “fixologist” ! I really adore reading hope to become an author when I’m older! By Isabella Robati


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